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A Personal Visit to TANDEM the Store

Welcome to TANDEM

Dev & Chris Explore the World of Tandem the Store.

So after a long day of work I received a strange phone call from local Dev’s Edge ambassador Christopher and to my surprise, he was ecstatic! 

Chris: “Devonnnnnnn…what are you doing tomorrow?

Dev: “Ummm…..I don’t know just yet to be honest”

Chris: “Alright good, good, good! WE GOING TO TANDEM TOMORROW!”

From experience, I know that he is never this excited without good reason and even though i’m not easily impressed, his excitement and enlivened tone alone was enough to get me on board.

Chris then went on to justify his behavior as he explained that TANDEM was a collaborative joint effort of local and regional designers and artists who are showcasing their work for sale and admiration in a new store complex within the Colonnade Mall in Bridgetown. (See map below) Immediately, I thought “How cool is that!” If that wasn’t enough to get my juices flowing, I then learned that the entire thing was under the headship of local renowned designer, fashion consultant and close friend Orlando Williams.

The Place was a Total Hit!

With and open floor plan and creativity bursting at the seams, the small space expels a breath of life with its vibrant, innovative, original and unique art forms which is what they are all about.  It was like a fresh air into the lungs that leaves you inspired and wanting more.

We had an Absolute Blast!

Tandem is Now One of our Favorite Chill Spots

Go see for yourself!

At Tandem, there is always something new to see!

Contact Information

Tel: (246)-822-3915

Email: tandemovement@gmail.com

The Colonnade Mall

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