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Welcome to Sade’s World

Most persons have love/hate relationships when it comes to applying makeup. One day you could be the flawless Pat McGrath and the next, you could be an experimenting adolescent with a crooked eyebrow. Becoming the best in the cosmetics industry takes practice, a profound passion and a keen eye for bringing out the best in one’s natural facial structure.
Sade Sundar has in fact mastered the art of not “cake-up” but that of gently applying makeup to highlight and complement one’s natural beauty.

The Birth of MUBSS

This incomparable passion for cosmetics came about at only age 7 where she became completely obsessed with the art and continued to experiment with close friends and family. Throughout the years and after the proven game of trial and error, Sade became a definite force to be reckoned with. The demand and interest in her services of exceptional work and her natural talents heightened tremendously. Soon enough, Sade had evolved into the leading makeup artist of countless bands for UWI Carnival, professional photo shoots and undoubtedly, she was at the beckon call for various renowned local designers.

This recognition did not cease but instead, it expanded further into the desired and unimaginable. With multiple exceptional reviews, she was well on her way to creating her own company and brand by the name of Makeup by Sade Sundar.

The well rounded company believes in nothing but the best and does so not only by great leadership but by recognizing the importance of the basics such as applying the appropriate shades and textures harmonious to color and skin tone.

For further information and bookings, please contact:

Sade Sundar
Managing Director of MUBSS
Makeup By Sade Sundar

Tel: +1 (246) 840-7880
Email: mubss@gmail.com

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